FAQs & Content Submission

Why would I want to post my information on this platform?

If you are in the cannabis business, this platform can serve as a convenient and inexpensive way to educate people about your products and services.


Why are you doing this?

Two reasons, really:

  1. As a public service to advance the understanding of cannabis in keeping with the spirit of the industry to educate and share information.

  2. Potentially, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that companies can use to share their marketing messages, i.e., an additional marketing channel to help raise awareness of your business, market products/services and generate revenue by directing visitors to your web site.


Typically, SaaS platforms aren’t free – what’s the deal?

Initially, we are in a “Proof of Concept” phase. We are hosting material for free, promoting the site (as are companies that have posted information here), collecting data and making changes as warranted as it evolves. Depending on the results, it may be feasible to transform it into a true SaaS platform with monthly hosting fees. That remains to be seen, depending on the results. If/when that happens you would be notified and details would be provided regarding your options.


What types of media can I submit to be posted?

Educational video, literature or articles.


Can I submit anything?

The primary intent is to maintain the “educational” focus of the site – therefore educational material is most appropriate. All submissions will be reviewed and only posted if they comply with this objective.


What if my video is already posted on YouTube?

No worries, just send it to us and we can post it here as well.


What’s the advantage of posting it here versus YouTube?

Because this is a cannabis themed platform and your video may attract more views than a general purpose platform like YouTube. Further, we expect that once here, visitors will browse the other videos, increasing your views. Finally, what’s the harm in having it in two places?


How will you be able to tell if the platform is working?

We are collecting marketing metrics (e.g., number of visits, visitor tracking, URL clicks, etc.) that we will provide to you in monthly reports so you can monitor your progress.


Can I have my material removed whenever I like?



How do I get started?

Click here to complete the contact form and upload your content for consideration.